Expert Guide to Esports Betting

Do you want to know how to bet on Esports and check out all the features of this type of betting? In this guide, you will find all the basics of Esports betting as well as some helpful tips on how to find the best website to make bets, what games are the best for betting, and other important details. Today, the industry is thriving, and there is a big choice of titles to bet on, including CS, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many others. First, let's check out the main peculiarities and features of this branch.

Game Background

Esports Betting for Beginners

Online betting on Esports became very successful. And its popularity does not concede top traditional sports. You can find several variations of such types of betting depending on the titles and their peculiarities. Let's take a look at the most popular of them.

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Real Money Betting

The most widespread type. Indeed, it's almost the same as betting for money on any real sports, but with the consideration of features of a virtual sport, you are going to bet on. A bettor predicts the outcome of the games or a series of games, and in the case of success, they receive cash prizes. As a rule, you can bet not only on a team that will win but also on the best players, the number of scores, and so forth.

Skin Icon

Skin Betting

Esports skin betting is a unique way of wagering for virtual sports that appeared on CSGO for the first time. Nevertheless, now it's quite widespread among other titles as well, including CoD, LoL, and more. The variants to wager on are usually the same as with the previously mentioned type, but here, customers bet on skins, items, or other similar in-game currency.                                                                

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Social Betting

It's a very common type of betting frequently used by numerous players. Its most distinctive feature is that it is unofficial, and players set the conditions by themselves. In this way, they can bet on anything, including funds, in-game items, and so forth. However, it's pretty risky to use social betting with strangers.

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Fantasy Betting

Esports fantasy betting is one of the most unusual and innovative types of betting on Esports. You don't need to predict the results of a game, but you need to create your virtual Fantasy team. The selection has some particular criteria, and players are based on their prototypes from real-life sports teams and their skills. In this way, your Fantasy team competes with similar teams of other bettors — the one who will perform better wins.

Chellenge Icon

Challenge Betting

This kind of betting implies that you will compete with other players, and the winners will receive the award. Taking part in such events unofficially, participants set their conditions and agree on how to divide the prize. However, making such bets officially, participants need to pay entry fees which form a prize for the winner.

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Esports Betting on PlayStation

A special type of betting on Esports is dedicated to popular consoles from Sony. Customers can wager on exclusive titles for PS and other games available for this console. It's expected that soon Sony will launch its official betting.

Esport odds

Visiting any betting platform, you will find special odds showing the probability of success for a team, a player, and so forth. As a rule, such odds are based on the previous performances of players as well as other significant factors. You can find odds for the majority of popular titles, including:

League Of Legends

Considering the provided information may help you to gain success and make a correct prediction of the outcomes of the sports event you are going to bet on.

Types of Bet You Can Place on Esports

Like any other type of betting, there are some Esports betting offers for customers who want to wager on their favourite cybersports team or player. The variants depend on a game you are going to bet on, but usually, they include:

  • The winner of the match.
  • The best player gained the biggest amount of scores or had the best performance according to certain criteria.
  • The player who has the biggest number of kills
  • The number of maps a team wins.
  • The number of kills a team has on a particular game.
  • The number of scores a player or a team gained through the game.
  • The winner of a tournament.

Top Esports Betting Sites

A lot of customers are interested in where to bet on Esports but don't know any trusted bookies. Fortunately, we prepared a list of the greatest websites along with such big brands in Esports betting as Betway or Bet at Home. With Esports wagering reviews and our experts' experience in mind, we picked only the trustiest sites. So make bets, use promotional offers, wager for free, watch live streaming, and have fun.


Major Esports Tournaments & Leagues

There are a lot of big Esports championships, leagues, and events provided by major organizations such as Vulcun, Valve, and so forth. Their coverage is pretty big, as, besides big international tournaments, there are a lot of local events. Let's take a look at the biggest and most popular tournaments and leagues in Esports:

ESL Championship

Electronic Sports League. The league includes different championships for various popular titles, including StarCraft II, Counter-Strike, WarCraft III, Rainbow Six Siege, and so on.

LOL Championship

League of Legends World Championship. A large set of LoL tournaments, from local ones to international competitions of the best teams from around the globe.

The International

The International. One of the biggest Esports tournaments for Dota 2, providing unbelievably large prizes of millions of dollars. The best eighteen teams from every corner of the world show their skills to win a big prize.

PRO Circuit

Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. A big set of tournaments and leagues are held predominantly in North America. It includes the majority of popular Blizzard and Activision titles, including CoD, WoW, Diablo, HotS, and so forth.

Esport Betting Tips

To make successful predictions and win some cash, you need to learn a lot about wagering. So, how does Esports betting work? Just like any other type of sport - bookmakers provide you odds that can significantly help you while making a bet. Considering the points mentioned below, you can increase the probability of success wagering on Esports.

  1. Understanding Odds & Calculating Payouts

    To make a correct prediction based on Esports betting odds, you need to understand them and know how to calculate payouts. There are several types of odds provided by bookmaker platforms:

    • American. They show how much funds you need to wager to receive $100. To calculate payouts, just divide the odds of a party you are going to bet on by 100 and then divide it by your wager. It will show you the value of your profit.
    • Decimal. Such odds show how much you will win in the case of success. Multiply your bet by the odds of a party you are going to wager to calculate payouts.
    • Fractional. Provide a frequency of winnings for each party. To calculate payouts, divide the fractional of a party you are going to wager, multiply by your wager and add the amount of initial stake.
  2. Bankroll Management & Simple Staking Plans

    Bankroll management is a great feature guaranteeing you responsible gaming without any risks of losing more funds than you can indeed lose. Just set a certain amount of cash you are ready to lose, and don't spend more than that. Also, be careful with losing and winning streaks. In both cases, increase the wagers smoothly as there is a big risk of losing everything.     

  3. Finding Value in Betting Odds

    Value in betting odds helps experienced bettors to gain success and profit regularly, so it's very important to identify such odds. In this way, you need to prepare yourself to meet the following points:

    • Have a good knowledge of Esports, tournaments, and leagues you are going to bet on.
    • Compare probabilities provided by the odds to identify the better variant to bet on.
    • Try to make your custom odds to make a better understanding of how a bookie works.
    • In the same way, try to understand how the betting market works.
    • Reassess your failures and unsuccessful bets. Find the mistakes and work on them.
    • Don't stop and gain new skills. Try different odds and analyze them to find the best ones.
  4. Effective Research & Analysis

    One of the most important tips when betting on Esportsis to consider every possible factor that can influence the game's outcomes. In this way, you need to research diverse details and facts to make an efficient analysis. Hence, take into account such points as:

    • The recent performance of a team or player you are going to bet on.
    • Check out the key statistics.
    • Consider the playing styles of opponent teams and players.
    • Research different sources, including websites providing stats, forums dedicated to Esports, social media, and so forth.
    • Don't forget that failures happen.
    • Therefore, your research must be structured and feature only important information.
  5. Record Keeping & Performance Analysis

    Making Esports betting predictions, bettors often don't pay too much attention to losing and always chase the desirable success. Nevertheless, saving information about your betting activity may help you to make the proper conclusions and work on mistakes. Follow the next tips:

    • Note all your winnings and losses.
    • Note detailed information about your bets, including their odds, wager, results, payout, and so forth.
    • Try to note all the related details of your bets, such as information you used while wagering, what statistics were considered primarily, and so on.
  6. Comparing Odds & Line Shopping

    Ending our list of Esports betting tips, it should be mentioned that it's highly important that odds significantly vary on different bookies. In this way, you need to compare them and find the most plausible ones. Betting on any website, don't forget about these details:

    • Before making a bet, compare odds with other major bookies.
    • You should have a profile on several major bookmaker platforms.
    • Promotional offers provided by a website are very important as well.

Payment Methods You Can Use for Esports Betting

The majority of modern betting websites provide a large selection of different ways of payment. As a rule, there are trusted methods of proceeding with transactions quite quickly and without big fees. Furthermore, sometimes you can receive an Esports betting bonus using some of the provided payment options. Besides common Paypal and e-wallets, some bookies offer even cryptocurrency payments. Let's check out the most popular of the provided ways of payment.

Credit Card

Mastercard / VISA

Although bank cards can't boast so many benefits compared with some other ways of payment provided by bookies, they are still the most popular ones. It's not surprising, as the majority of people use them every day. Nevertheless, they are very convenient to use and transfer funds within a quite short period.


Bitcoin for In-game Betting from Sony

The mentioned upcoming possibility to make bets on Esports on PlayStation, officially provided by Sony, will use Bitcoin as an accepted currency. Although there will be more currencies, including physical ones, this crypto is going to be the main one. 



For today, such a way of payment is considered the most promising one. Moreover, it's not unreasonable as crypto payments are instant, require minimum personal information of a client, and usually have no fees. Therefore, it is not surprising that today many gaming sites offer this type of payment in Canada. You can bet on Esports at the best bitcoin casino sites using well-known cryptocurrencies.

  • Ethereum.
  • Litecoin.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Dogecoin.
  • And so forth.


This guide provided important features of the modern betting market, and you are now ready to make bets and gain success on some popular cybersports. Choose the best site for Esports betting from our list, create a profile, select an Esport to make a bet, check out the odds, and gain success.

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Check out the list of the most popular questions related to Esports betting.

How Can You Place Esports Bets?

An esports bet is almost the same as any other sports bet. Register on a bookie, replenish your balance, choose a preferred type of Esports, check the odds, and place a bet. Next, you need to choose the type of bet, fill in the sum of stake, and confirm the bet.

How Quickly is the Esports Market Growing?

Every year the market grows bigger. For today, the most popular types of Esports have large worldwide tournaments with gigantic prizes. It seems like the success and popularity of such events will grow further. Moreover, the number of Esports titles increases regularly as well.

What Should I Look for in an Esports Betting Bookmaker?

Choosing a site, consider its reputation among customers, the quality of services, the availability of a license, and the selection of provided Esports. It should meet the majority of your requirements.

How Do I Know Matches Are Fair and on the Level?

Check out the reviews of clients who have tried a bookie from different sources. Compare the website with other reputable bookmakers. Check out the availability of licenses.

Can I Trust a Sportsbook?

Wagering on Esports betting sites that have a license from any reputable gaming authority, you may feel safe providing your personal information and making transactions.

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