Expert Guide to Crash Gambling

Crash gambling starts to take its position in the world of online gambling owing to the new technologies that are simple and provably fair. So, now you will learn everything about crash betting, choosing the best crash gambling sites, and the crash gambling strategy.

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What is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is a new way of casino games. It has become possible with the appearance of blockchain technologies. In essence, it is a game of intuition. You are suggested to make a prediction or place an in-game bet in the Bitcoin crash game. The multiplier of your bet will be growing. It will increase until the crash happens and the multiplier is gone. Your task is to cash out your win right before it disappears with your initial bet. 

How to play crash gambling game: a step-by-step guide

To play in a crash betting game, you must follow a series of simple steps. Here they are:

  1. Consider picking a website where you can play crash gambling (read further to learn how to do it).
  2. Register in it. Probably, you’ll need to pass the verification.
  3. As you are going to play for Bitcoin, be confident you’ve got a Bitcoin wallet with some money. If you don’t, get some Bitcoin in the crypto exchange stocks and applications by any possible means.
  4. Find a crash casino game on the website you’ve chosen.
  5. Turn it on and wait for the beginning of a new round.
  6. Place your bet and set the auto-cash out if you want. You can use the auto bet option in some casinos as well.
  7. When the game starts, use your intuition to cash out in the most profitable moment.
  8. Repeat until you have fun with your gambling session, and do not abuse gambling!

With the appearance of BTC, crash betting has become much easier. First, the game is not run with the strange and unclear random number generator. As it can be programmed, it cannot be considered transparent.

Crash games use blockchain technology, which uses even algorithms. What is more, every player has a chance to check the blockchain to be sure that it is fair. Finally, Bitcoin is better than real money in casinos, as you do not have to pass through the devastating withdrawal processes.

Best Crash Gambling Sites in the World

First, we would like to get proper acknowledgments to Bustabit. This website works since 2014, being the very first crash gambling simulator ever. As you know, the concept of BTC appeared just a few years earlier.

Now, the leadership is taken by such websites as:


Roobet Site Preview


BitCasino Site Preview


ForestBet Site Preview

These websites managed to wrap the crash games into a convenient form and unite it with popular casino services and offers. Plus, they have the best bonus conditions, like VIP programs, generous bonus offers, etc.

Among the best crash gambling sites, you will find many casinos that accept CS:GO skins. We’ll talk about them more in the further section of the review.

What Is Crash Betting?

Crash betting game is an alternative term for crash gambling. While the last one is a more wide concept, crash betting can be diversified by means of betting. For instance, CSGO crash betting implies that you bet CS:GO skins that are converted into casino currency. BTC crash betting presupposes the same, only using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Crash Game Tips & Tricks

It is impossible to raise chances to win in a crash game, as they depend only on your intuition. However, some tips on how not to lose:

  1. You better have a stable and powerful Internet connection. A single delay can turn your bet into a disaster.
  2. The same rule concerns your hardware. As a rule, a crash casino game is not demanding. However, it is better to have a modern phone, tablet, or PC to run a casino website properly.
  3. Do not pay attention to other players when you gamble. They might have their bets with enormous multipliers. However, they are not going to lend you money if you lose.
  4. Do not chase the big multipliers only. A successful strategy implies diversified gambling.

The main tip for you is to learn what you do. Get experience in crash gaming, and soon you will need no tips.

Features of the Best Crash Games

As they are simple and the same in most cases, there are not so many features. You can chase the appearance (there are some interestingly built games, indeed), but transparency should be the main feature to chase. Be confident that you can see the pure code of the game and all the results.  

How do I play the Bitcoin Crash Game?

Playing such a game is simple. First, you need to place a bet or set the auto bet function. Some casinos suggest setting the auto-cash out as well. Do not use it at first, but try everything by yourself. The main trick of crash gambling is to hit the cashout button.

Types of Crash Betting Game

Actually, there are not so many types of crash casino games. They all have the main principle: a multiplier that crashes at a particular moment. The appearance and wrapping are of low priority.

The first games like TrustDice and BustaBit are in the form of a graph. Roobet improved a graph and made it look like a flying rocket. has drawn a tank that burns after several meters of a ride. RocketRun and BetFury use the improved rocket skins as well.

List of Top Crash CSGO Sites

We suggest paying attention to the following websites:

CSGOLuck has the best CSGO jackpots. It offers a free welcome case for new players. You can bet with skins, cryptos, and fiat money. Plus, this website is one of the best in the perspective of design and architecture.

CSGO Luck Site Part

CSGOEmpire has the best and the most diverse CSGO games. You can play crash games, coin flip, case opening games, casino games, including CSGO roulette, blackjack, dice, etc. You can get a thousand-dollar bonus and withdraw winnings in cryptocurrencies.

CSGO Empire Site Part

CSGORoll offers three cases as a welcome bonus. Here, you can play crash and roulette games as well. Free cases are available for every player.

CS GO Roll Site Part

CSGO500 is a website that offers you 5000 bux (in-casino currency) as a bonus offer. The service is characterized by a diversity of games and good banking options.

CSGO500 Site Part

Crash Gambling Strategy

There is no particular gaming strategy in such straightforward casino entertainment as a casino crash betting game. However, there are some tips you would like to hear:

  • Do not think of the crash game as you think of a slot machine. It does not have any hot or cold modes. If a game crashes on 1.2X ten times in a row, it does not guarantee that it will crash on 300X on the eleventh round.
  • To learn how to play crash, watch how other people play it. Successful gamblers always take maximally from other’s experiences.
  • Start with low bets to get used to the game.
  • Do not bet more than 1/20 of your initial bankroll.
  • Do not chase your losses.
  • Always check online crash betting guides and news. An expert’s opinion can be crucial in a choice of the game or casino.

Actually, all the rules and recommendations you’ve heard concerning online gambling are suitable for crash gambling as well. Consider it as a way to entertain and relax, and you will be OK. Also, it is advisable to read a couple of articles about gambling addiction.

Finally, if you play through the BTC, learn how and where to exchange it properly. Knowing about the best ways to store your crypto will be useful either.

How much money can you win in Crash Games?

To be honest, it is not the question that a successful gambler asks. Thinking about money and profit will not do well for you at the beginning. We suggest looking at the chats where people do not think about money but have fun winning and losing.

However, OK. Let’s analyze the probable outcome of such gambling. As a rule, people stake 0.0001-0.000001 BTC in crash betting sites. Recent wins in TrustDice, for instance, are BTC 0.001001, 0.0002502, 0.0001252, 0.0000626, etc. ForestBet can count in more convenient fiat money. For a single round, the total cashout is between 117-190 CAD, and a player gets around fifteen CAD, with a bet of about 8-10 CAD.

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To be 100% honest, no one will tell you how much you can win, as all the games are run independently of human’s influence and abilities. Remember, these are blockchain games.


Here are some most frequent and popular crash gambling game questions and their answers. We are certain that they will result in your full understanding of the situation and let you play confidently and with fun.

How do you play Crash gambling?

Register at an online casino with an option of crash gambling, get yourself some cryptocurrency, run the game, place a bet, and cash it out until the game crashes.

Can you make money Crash gambling?

Of course. What is more, you can do it in several ways. For instance, CSGO live casino websites provide you with interesting table game streams. In addition, crash gambling is designed for the quick gaining of funds, so there is a possibility. However, if you lose, do not get disappointed.

Is Crash gambling legal in Canada?

Yes, crash gambling is legal for at least two reasons. First, it is a part of online gambling, which is legal in Canada-registered or offshore websites. Second, the country has no legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, so all methods to use them are legal, at least for now.

What website is crash gambling on?

Now, there are many of them, and their number increases every day. Therefore, we suggest looking at our top in one of the previous sections and choose.

What is Crash Betting?

It is literally another name for crash gambling. You will find both terms widely used, but their principles are the same. You bet, get your multiplier increased, and cash out when it is time to do it.