Esports Betting

Are you a gambler and can’t imagine your life without sport? Then sport betting is something you’ll be interested in. We tell you everything you need to know about sports betting so you can multiply your excitement with your favourite sports.

What is sport betting?

Some scholars claim that a sport betting comes from prehistoric sporting competitions. In Ancient Greece, the Greeks held the Olympic Games and bet on the winners of each discipline. In the Roman Empire, bets were introduced on gladiatorial combats or chariot races. In the Middle Ages, there were also sports betting, which was widespread with jousting on horseback, fights, duels, etc. – understood as “sport”.

As time went on, the betting of the Middle Ages gave way to horse racing, which spread like wildfire in the United Kingdom, where sports betting boomed. Such was its success that English settlers took the trend to the United States and Canada where it quickly gained popularity. By the early 20th century, the range of betting opportunities had expanded to include other sports.

Two decades ago, advances in technology revolutionised sports betting. The first online sports betting companies appeared. Bookmakers took advantage of the internet to build loyalty and facilitate the gaming experience for their customers, making it a resounding success.

Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Today, online betting has become a favourite companion for millions of sports fans around the world. It generates mind-blowing revenues. With the advent of betting sites, it is easier than ever to bet on your favourite sport without having to leave your home.

What is sport betting?

Sports betting is a form of gambling that involves making a prediction on the outcome of a sporting event and risking money on it in order to make an additional profit in return.

Sports betting includes betting on the outcome of matches, tournaments or events that take place during a match. The latter is known as live betting.

What are the types of sports betting?

Single bets

This is the simplest type of sports betting and involves placing a bet on a single event market. If your prediction is correct, you win. If your prediction is wrong, you lose the amount you bet.

Multi bets

This involves making multiple selections (up to 15, depending on the bookmaker) that count as a single bet. It offers the advantage of winning a lot of money with a small investment. To do so, you must match all the selections made.

Live betting

This is a bet on a live event. It is characterised by a constant change of odds as the minutes of the event go by.

Betting on your favourite sport can be a lot of fun, not to mention that you could end up winning a life-changing amount of money. However, remember that in order to accumulate winnings you need to be familiar with the terminology and understand how the odds work.

Last but not least, don’t press your luck. If you have won a substantial amount of money on your bet, it would be a good idea not to risk losing it all. Proper management of your winnings and budget is vitally important, at least if you want to make consistent profits. And remember, bet responsibly on your spending and your betting activity. Don’t underestimate the risks of losing your money, as that possibility always exists, even experienced bettors make a losing bet from time to time. Betting should be fun and should not interfere with your daily or professional activities.