PlayStation 4 Slot Games

There aren’t a slew of slot games on the PlayStation 4, but The Four Kings Casino & Slots is definitely one that will leave you speechless. Although it’s about everything related to the casino world, slot fans will certainly enjoy it and won’t get tired of playing it. It is an MMO (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that takes you on a sensational casino adventure. You start the game by creating a custom 3D avatar that you can dress up in increasingly expensive and extravagant clothes, which are offered as you progress through the game.

The action takes place in various casinos, each one as prestigious as the next. In these establishments, you will find all the gambling games you want to enjoy. There are poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat tables, among others. Instant Keno and Bingo are also offered. When you direct your avatar to a slot machine and he or she takes a seat to play, the game’s interface automatically appears on your TV screen, making you feel like you’re at an online casino. It shows the structure of the title as well as the betting control panel underneath the reels, with buttons that give you access to options for starting spins, placing bets, accessing settings, and defining the number of pay lines to play on, among others. The fact that there is a whole row of slots in the casino suggests that gamers will be treated to games with a variety of themes.

Playing The Four Kings Casino & Slots or any other slot machine on PS4 is not limited to the basic gameplay of classic productions, which is simply lining up identical symbols to win. In fact, the way the slot machines available on the PlayStation 4 work is similar to the way the entertainment options designed to win real money work. This means that you’ll be treated to special features, including wildcards to easily form winning combinations, and you’ll be able to trigger second-screen bonus rounds. Then you will surely agree that playing on PS4 offers as much excitement, fun, and entertainment as playing on an online casino from your computer browser.

Slots with PS4 video game themes

It’s not just video game developers who have taken inspiration from casino titles to design productions. In fact, you will also find a whole bunch of slot machines in the online betting establishments’ game libraries that is themed around popular PS4 games. Some of these very entertaining options are:

Game of Thrones: This is a game that focuses on the very popular TV series of the same name and was developed on the PS4 by Telltale Games. The slot machine version appeared later on December 1, 2014, and was launched by casino software development industry giant Microgaming. The title incorporates several features, including a wild that can substitute for all other icons on the reels besides the scatter symbol to help form winning combinations. There is also a bonus round here that can allow players to win up to 75 free spins after a single spin.

Hitman: This slot, also released by Microgaming, is based on the famous action-infiltration game in which a dreaded hitman nicknamed Agent 47 is tasked with fulfilling contracts by eliminating targets. The title has a structure consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 pay lines. The icons that players have to line up to get wins mostly correspond to elements used in the game on PS4. Some of these symbols include a wad of cash, a pocketknife, a sniper rifle, truth serum, and much more.

Drive: Multiply Mayem: Designed by Net Entertainment, a big name in the online betting industry, this car racing-based video slot has the same theme as the very famous PS4 game Need for Speed. It features wild cards with multipliers and a free spins bonus round. This title is sure to thrill-seekers who will not soon forget the experience.

Tomb Raider: It’s not really surprising that this popular and much loved game on home consoles has been reproduced on a slot machine. This casino title offers users to embark on an exciting adventure with the lovely explorer Lara Croft. The slot machine interface is simple and intuitive. The integrated graphics are of good quality and the soundtrack that entertains the players during the sessions is also pleasant. As for the features, players can count on a wild, a second screen bonus game, and free spins to amass a multitude of winnings.